Saturday, 23 June 2007

Which publishers send me books?

I've been reading some other book review blogs recently and there seems to be a lot of talk going on about whether you should disclose which publishers send you books to review (so as to avoid issues of review credibility). Hopefully you should be able to see from my reviews that I try to provide as balanced an opinion of a review copy as I would with a book that I've bought (check out my review of 'Danse Macabre', review copy from Orbit, amongst others!) but if it makes you guys feel a bit more comfortable reading my stuff then I've got no problem letting you know.
At the moment, I'm receiving books to review from Orbit and Abaddon Books. I've also had a couple from Gollancz. (Which reminds me; if any other publishers are reading this and want to send me anything please don't be shy! Drop me a line at graemesfantasybookreview@(no-spam), remove the no-spam bit though...) What I'll be doing in future is adding the publisher next to the book title, if it's Orbit or Abaddon then you know that it's a review copy I've been sent. If I don't do this then I will make it clear in the main body of the review.
I always give an honest review, what's the point otherwise? Stick around as there's a lot more to come!


Aidan said...

I think it's cool that you're willing to let us know which of the publishers are willing to reach out to us, the bloggers, and know how to utilize the tools of the industry.

Us bloggers are an incredibly powerful and widespread tool for promoting good material, and it seems like not enough of the big publishing houses have embraced this fact, yet.

It's nice to know that Orbit, Abbadon and Gollancz are willing to give you a shot.

Kudos to them,

A Dribble of Ink

Graeme Flory said...

I'm hoping that everyone will benefit. I love reading sci-fi/fantasy and telling as many people as I can what I think. Orbit and Abaddon get a bit more exposure and blog readers get another point of view on a book they may be thinking of buying. Hopefully everyone's a winner! ;o)