Tuesday, 22 May 2007

'Kill or Cure' - Rebecca Levene

The second book in the ‘Afterblight Chronicles’ takes us back into a world devastated by ‘the Cull’, this time through the eyes of a character only hinted at in the previous book.
Jasmine has been trapped in an underground government bunker for the last five years, her only company is a psychosis induced voice, a side effect of the plague cure she was working on. She is rescued by the pirate rulers of the New Caribbean and put to work finding out what has turned the inhabitants of Cuba into rabid killers, impervious to the fact that their bodies are rotting away. The answers that Jasmine finds (and her attempts to escape the ruthless pirate queen ‘M’) will force her to confront some of the darkest secrets of her own past and face up to her future…
‘Kill or Cure’ is a slightly slower paced affair than ‘The Culled’ but lives up to the standards set by its predecessor. It’s another mad frantic dash through a post-apocalyptic landscape where the gun is law and nothing is ever quite the way it seems… Intrigue and ‘double double crosses’ abound! In such a world, there is always the potential for evil schemes of world domination and the main protagonists are suitably Machiavellian. There is also the scope for something new to arise, out of the old, and ‘The Collector’ is a great example of ‘aftermath eccentricity’.
With ‘Kill or Cure’, Abaddon Books are succeeding in their mission to deliver quick entertaining ‘pulp’reads. The excerpt, at the back, from the next book (‘School’s Out’) promises more goodness to come…

Eight and a Half out of Ten

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